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MAID Oven floods your kitchen with a symphony of taste! MAID's "magic" starts with its built-in Recipe Store. Wirelessly connect to world-class chefs and cooking enthusiasts around the globe - where you can share recipes, discuss food and discover new tastes. With voice, touch and gesture control, MAID automates your entire cooking experience! Get meal plans and diet suggestions based on geographic location and track activities right from your smartphone.


How do you reach out the world's most influential journalists when you have no press connections? The entire Maid Oven team is based out of India .... several times zones away from the world's top reporters. And they're a startup entering an industry controlled by multibillion dollar corporations. Starting at $369, the Maid Oven is a lot more expensive than your typical Kickstarter. With just 35 days, how do you convince the world your time has come?


When you have a limited amount of time, you want to make the most of it so the Maid Oven team hopped on board early so we could help them for their entire 35 days. We've worked with over 4500 Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaigns and have generated more top tier news coverage for crowdfunding campaigns than any PR company in the world. We know what reporters looks for so we started by writing a product pitch that made them relevant and incredibly interesting. We have deep relationships with reporters from all of the top tier news sites so reached out to our contacts and relevant reporters from our network of 1.9 million journalists. We analyzed results, continued improving the pitch and constantly reached out to reporters until we generated maximum media coverage.

The Results

"This is just incredible. You guys have been amazing. Thank you for all of your advice and for putting MAID out on the front page. Your professional approach deserves a round of applause." Arjun Sarath, CMO of Maid Oven.

From the very beginning, the response we received from reporters was amazing. It all started with an article that appeared in the top tech site Engadget the day they launched. Before we knew it the Maid Oven was on Fox News, Mashable, Gizmodo and tons more. Maid Oven became an international sensation appearing on websites like the Dailymail.co.uk .... the most visited English-language news website in the world.

The Numbers

With press and all of the eyeballs that come with it, comes funding. In less than 5 days the Maid Oven reached its funding goal of $50,000 on the way to $123,920.

More Press

Below is a small sample of some of the top tier press coverage we generated for the Maid Oven.
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