Turbocharge Your Crowdfunding

Get your campaign all over the news and reach thousands, even millions, of targeted customers.

Get Your Campaign All Over The News

Your crowdfunding campaign is incredible. You’ve worked hard putting it together, so why isn’t it funding? Why is no one visiting your page?

Worst of all, there are hundreds of other projects blowing right past their pledge goals and they’re nowhere near as good as yours.

So what’s their secret?

All of the top campaigns have the same marketing strategy ... they get their project featured in the news.

It’s the fastest, easiest and the most cost effective way to reach thousands, even millions, of targeted customers.

The more press you get, the more pledges you receive … PERIOD!

The great news is every reporter is looking for a story. That’s where we come in.

You'll Work With Experts

We’re crowdfunding PR experts. We’ve worked on over 4500 campaigns that have collectively raised over 250 million dollars.

We leverage our relationships with journalists. We know the world's top reporters. We know who they are. We know what they look for. And we know how to deliver your company to them in a way that gives you the best opportunity of being featured.

Sit back while our team creates your elevator pitch (the pitch we’ll be emailing to reporters) and handles all of your press outreach. We’ll work directly with reporters to land as much news coverage for you as possible.

Get Off To A Fast Start

The clock is ticking. You have a limited amount of time to make the most of your campaign so we work fast.

Join now and we’ll start reaching out to our personal media contacts. We’ll go through our network of 1.9 million reporters targeting journalists in your industry … the ones most likely to write about you.

Just one article can expose your campaign to thousands, even millions, of potential customers. Can you imagine what hundreds of features would do. The skies the limit.

Press is Social

People are passionate about their news. They want to share what they read with others.

That’s perfect because press is social. Most reporters put like, share and tweet buttons next to your coverage. Your story can take on a life of its own, living well beyond the feature date and spreading through the top social networks.

Boost Your Reputation

News coverage can impact your business well beyond your crowdfunding campaign. Our clients use their press to land retail accounts, influence a round of funding, boost their SEO, dominate their market share and more.

Press articles have high page authority with Google and the other top search engines. What does this mean? When someone searches for your business online, your news coverage skips the line and appears at the top of your search results. It gives an instant boost to your credibility.

You can also add the news links to your crowdfunding page. People that visit your page will believe in you more and are more influenced to pledge.

Paid Newswires vs. BoostCoverage

We win! No contest!

The homepage of Yahoo, a spot on the Today Show, front page of the Huffington Post ... if you want top tier news coverage for your business you have to pitch your company directly to key reporters. That’s what we do for you.

Stay away from services that use press releases or newswires. Seems like a good idea ... write a press release then post it on a paid newswire, but you’ll find out very quickly that paid newswires don’t generate any meaningful coverage. Sure, some of them have deals with new outlets to repost your press release, but that's exactly what you get. Your press release is simply reposted in the press release section that no one reads. You'll never be a part of the main news section.

But don’t just take it from us … take it from a Bill Hankes, a writer at Fast Company.

"It’s well known within PR circles that the best way to kill your chances of getting press is to issue a press release (on a newswire). Why? First of all, reporters generally don’t read wire distribution services. Secondly, once it’s on a massive distribution list like that, it’s no longer news. Reporters want the news before it becomes public. These wire distributions services mask their ineffectiveness with content-sharing relationships that proliferate press releases far and wide across the internet to sites that no one really reads."

Bill Hankes, Fast Company

Simple, Transparent Pricing

We’re revamping the PR industry, starting with our pricing. If you’ve ever looked into hiring a PR agency you’ll find out very quickly that pricing is all over the map. You can spend $3,000 to $25,000 per month on agreements that last, at minimum, three months. Not with us. At BoostCoverage you can pay as you go. Once you start seeing great coverage and a boost in pledges as a result, you can buy follow-up campaigns to keep the press coming.
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