Follow-up with reporters. Boost your chances.

The plan you are on comes with a onetime email campaign to key reporters. We handle press inquiries for as long as they come in

With press consistency helps, so if you want us to follow-up a with a second email campaign, we’re on board. We’ll even discount the follow-up. We rewrite the pitch to give your pitch a fresher look then we send it out again to reporters that haven’t already responded.

Why do follow-ups help? Some of the top reporters receive hundreds of emails a day. If they don’t write about you campaign from the previous pitches we send out, that doesn’t mean they don’t like your project. It could mean they’re too busy. Sending follow-up campaigns keeps you on their radar. The more familiar they become with your campaign the more possibilities you’ll have.

We’ll work with you to strategically schedule media dates that give you the best possibilities. Please note, follow-up campaign are only discounted with your initial purchase. If you do not purchase a follow-up now, you will have to pay the full price later.

Follow-up Campaign: $275
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