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MAID Oven -The Perfect Kitchen Assistant

MAID Oven is a smart convection oven and microwave that learns your tastes and habits to improve your kitchen. MAID knows every recipe and cooks every dish, but its best feature is that it acts as your health dietician. Depending on your eating and fitness habits, the oven will make suggestions for meals that factor in your calorie intake and taste preferences. It's an amazing innovation, but how do you compete in an industry with multibillion dollar corporations. How do you convince reporters that your startup can uproot the industry. That’s where we come in. We leveraged our press contacts to get MAID all over the news taking market share and attention away from some of the biggest companies in the world.

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Westinghouse Nucli - Advanced Smartlock for your Door

Westinghouse is a multibillion dollar company. When they launched Nucli, an advanced smart lock for your door, media coverage wasn't progressing as quickly as they liked. So the Westinghouse team reached out to us for help. We went through our network of 1.9 million reporters, zeroing in on our contacts and journalists most likely to write about the Nucli. We put together compelling outreaches that resonated with journalists and BOOM .... within just a few days the media coverage started to roll in. Sales took off. After just a month, orders for the Nucli surpassed $195,000.

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BoostCoverage was the only company that got us any results. When our launch was a dud we started hiring a bunch of Kickstarter promotion services. None of them could get us featured anywhere. Someone recommended BoostCoverage so we signed up for their services. They reached out to the press quickly and within 24 hours we were featured on TV (ABC News). Right after that they got us a write-up in TechCrunch and a bunch of other top tier publications. Even though we signed up for just their Global Plan, one thing that really struck a chord with me was the fact that they continued to give me advice which helped me close some features on my own. They weren’t obligated to talk to me any more after fulfilling their Global plan obligations, but it meant the world to me that they did. That’s when you know you are dealing with businessmen of character. They have nothing but my utmost respect.

David Neville - San Francisco, CA
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