We're a passionate team of media experts, professional writers, and tech gurus based in Southern California.

The company initially grew out of coffee-fueled conversations with friends who happened to be media executives. They saw big flaws in the PR Industry that included old school methodologies, long term contracts, and expensive agreements. Recognizing that businesses today need a more modern agency, they left their jobs and created a firm that's creatively led, relationship driven and deeply rooted in data and analytics to deliver far superior results.

At BoostCoverage we pride ourselves in our laid-back work environment and distinctive culture. We have an open, collaborative environment where we can share ideas on a project and share stories over expresso. We're strongly invested in bringing everyone together whenever possible, so we've created a diverse culture that provides something for everyone to get involved with.

Every day, we put our deep insights and skill sets to work for some of the most admired names in business. Over the past 6 years our team has worked on over 4500 projects, growing to become one the largest and most experienced crowdfunding PR Agencies in the world.

Although we grow business worldwide, adapt to changing culture, and continue to push the boundaries of our industry, we stay true to our mission. We put the growth of our clients first. We're constant collaborators, fearless dreamers, and most of all, passionate professionals who thrive on brilliant ideas that serve brands.

Our clients seek us out for that reason. And what's even better, we have a blast doing it.
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